Fixed sommier


The fixed sommier, available in 4 different heights and versions (H10 - H16 - H21 - H25), uses 3 different technologies:

- Flat, is a classic American style bed base consisting of a load bearing surface made from wooden slats which are spaced out to ensure perfect breathability.

- Elastic, Elastic is a modern slatted base that improves the ergonomics and overall performance of any kind of mattress.

- Spring, Spring revolutionises the concept of sommier, for the first time ever adopting the exclusive hybrid technology which combines the refined ergonomics of independent microsprings with a layer of Myform specially designed for this use. 

The fixed sommier uses three types of covers: non-removable cover, removable cover and flounce valance cover. 

Electric sommier

Refined Dorelan technology expressed in an elegant sommier, ideal for those looking for a clean-cut and linear design, compactness and uncompromising practicality. Powerful motors, powered by a wireless infrared remote control, enable the lifting of the head/back part and the legs/ feet part, independently, so that achieving the most comfortable position is easy and fast. The electric sommier (H21) can be made with all types of technologies: Mybed, Flat, Elastic and Spring, thus enabling utmost comfort and overall bed system performance customisation.

The Electric sommier uses three types of covers: non-removable cover, removable cover and flounce valance cover. 


Mybed Elettrico presents itself just like a normal sommier, but hides a sophisticated handling system.

The left or right side of a double sommier can be autonomously adjusted.

The independent movement of both rest areas enables each user to adjust the head part and the foot part entirely separately.



Both users can adjust the head and foot side according to their needs, or, using a special optional cable, they can adjust both sides of the bed at the same time.
Dorelan Тканини MyBed

Тканини MyBed


An extensive selection of fabrics and colours enables the utmost customisation of your Mybed, making it easy to integrate with any kind of furnishing and match with different styles that can characterise bedroom interiors.

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New MyBed and MyBase products have been conceived, designed and built with the aim of improving rest and reaping the full benefits of each element, giving anyone the chance to create their very own ideal bed system, in terms of performance, aesthetics and practicality of use.
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